The Next Big Thing In Coffee

Coffee- the most popular beverage in the world if shares its hand with technology, then the outcome or the future will be tremendous. This article will share some innovations in the field of coffee production that gonna be the FUTURE.




The two main and most popular brewing procedures are Filter/ Batch Brewing and Espresso. There are many other fun brewing methods that will make your coffee tastes great but the methods are not commonly spelled at home.

When innovation meets the future, we get some amazing and cool gadgets. In this case, gadgets like Nanopresso, Alpha Dominche, Decent Espresso, etc. make brewing easy and exciting.

  • WacacoNanopresso- It makes “by-hand” espresso at any place and at any time as long as you have finely ground coffee. You can make a fine cup of coffee just by pouring a certain amount of hot water and by using this Nanopresso.

This is a competitive market because everyone wants to try to replicate an espresso on-the-go and an espresso machine at less cost. The outcome of this system is great. It is light-weight and is also available in fun colors. This is the future of innovation in the field of coffee making.

  • Alpha Dominche: The SteamPunk filter machine for Alpha Domincheis cool. It's a very smart way to make a clear coffee cup (it helps to boost the initial flavors). It is so cool to see the way the infusion functions and the result is so good. A Steampunk was bought by thousands of cafes around the world for its beautiful cylinder design, vacuum-sealed brewing process, and tablet-driven controls.That's going to be the next big coffee trend.



Roasting is the transformation of the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into coffee products. Now think what if we can do this procedure in our home? The future of coffee production is now on our doorsteps. We don’t have to rely on factories for roasting. Certain gadgets or futuristic machines made coffee production easy. They are the innovations of the future.

  • Loring: The Loring Smart Roast was my best experience with any roaster. Repeatable, Good for the environment with reduced carbon footprint and reduced use of electricity, cleaning, and use of the Roaster quickly and easily.That's going to be the next big coffee trend.
  • Ikawa: For any home roaster or any skilled sample roaster, Ikawa has developed a fantastic tool to create roast profiles and data logs that can then be used to make real-time roasts by following the rate of the rising curve over time. It's fantastic.That's going to be the next big coffee trend.

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Coffee is now a part of our daily life and innovation in this field will highly be praised. The above-mentioned gadgets are the future or rather the next big things in coffee that will make coffee making easier at any place and at any time. Compact designs of those kinds of stuff will help us to use them in our homes also. So innovations or new technologies in the field of coffee making will be the next big thing in the coffee trend.